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How Alcohol Affects the Body from Head to Toe

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At Northway Medical Associates, it’s our aim to provide expert medical treatment and care to all patients in and around Fulton and Baldwinsville, NY. As your trusted Baldwinsville and Fulton primary care physician, we believe that it’s important to educate all our patients about the effects of alcohol on the body, especially since April is Alcohol Awareness Month. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that men of legal drinking age don’t drink any more than two drinks per day and that non-pregnant women of legal drinking age don’t drink any more than one drink per day. If you happen to drink more than what these guidelines suggest on a regular basis, you’ll find that alcohol can affect many different parts of your body in harmful ways.


Alcohol affects the brain by slowing down its communication pathways. What this will do is make it harder for you to think clearly. This will lead to problems with your memory and learning ability. Also, alcohol’s effect on the brain will make it harder for you to move in a coordinated manner.


While some studies have suggested that light alcohol drinking may actually be good for your heart, heavy drinking is anything but that. Heavy drinking can cause many different heart problems, including cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, and strokes.


Overdrinking can cause a number of short-term effects for a person, including nausea and sickness. In the long-term, drinking too much alcohol can irritate and inflame the stomach lining, which can lead to stomach ulcers, bleeding, and sometimes even anemia.


The liver’s job is to break down alcohol and other harmful substances. With that being said, much of the damage alcohol will do to a person’s body will take its toll on the liver. Heavy drinkers may find themselves suffering from liver inflammation or liver scarring.


Alcohol will actually rid healthy bones of their calcium. This can accelerate the rate of bone degeneration and heighten the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Immune System

Heavy alcohol consumption will limit the ability of a person’s white blood cells to fight off any harmful bacteria. This can make a person more susceptible to diseases like pneumonia.

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