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Expert Family Doctor in Baldwinsville & Fulton, NY

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life well into old age – and achieving that means taking proactive care of your body. At Northway Medical Associates, we're proud to be a family doctor to countless patients and families throughout the Fulton & Baldwinsville, NY areas, and we place a strong focus on preventative care to help treat problems before they get too serious. One of the most important parts of a preventive care regimen is regular physicals: these checkups help you and your Fulton doctor talk about your health, detect disease before it's serious, and create plans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Complete Physical Exams in Fulton & Baldwinsville

We Northway Medical Associates has been providing excellent care to patients of all ages the Fulton & Baldwinsville areas for years, and we're proud to offer complete physical exams from our conveniently located offices.

A complete physical exam is a comprehensive checkup in which we'll look at virtually every system in the body. Through this extensive screening, we'll get a feel for your overall health while also checking for any specific problems that may be developing.

The first step of a physical is always conversational. Your Fulton doctor will talk with you about your medical history and current lifestyle, going over a variety of areas like drug or alcohol use, diet, sexual health, and exercise habits. After this discussion, your doctor will check your vitals to ensure things look normal before starting a heart and lung exam. Using a stethoscope, your doctor will closely listen to the sounds your heart, lungs, and breathing make, looking for anything abnormal or unusual. Finally, we'll complete a head and neck exam, an abdominal exam, a neurological exam, a skin exam, and an examination of the extremities. Finally, your doctor will perform any gender-specific exams before discussing your results and answering questions you may have about your health.

DOT & School Physicals

While we suggest annual exams to our patients, many schools and Department of Transportation (DOT) opportunities require a physical – and we'd be happy to provide it. We can schedule the physical to fit with your schedule, and the process should be roughly the same as a regular full physical.

How Often Should I Get a Physical?

Generally, we ask our patients to come in for a routine physical once a year. That said, every patient is different, and we may ask you to come in more often if there's any aspect of your health we'd like to monitor more closely. If you're not sure whether you should come in or not, don't worry – just reach out to us.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Baldwinsville & Fulton, NY Primary Care Physician

Physicals are an important part of maintaining optimal health, and at Northway Medical Associates, we're proud to work with our patients not only to accurately gauge their health but to actively improve it. Use our online appointment request form today if you'd like schedule a physical for yourself or your loved one, or if you just have more questions about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, don't hesitate to reach out to us at our contact page.


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