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Expert Family Doctor in Baldwinsville & Fulton, NY

Everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life well into old age – and achieving that means taking proactive care of your body. At Northway Medical Associates, we're proud to be a family doctor to countless patients and families throughout the Fulton & Baldwinsville, NY areas, and we place a strong focus on preventative care to help treat problems before they get too serious. One of the most important parts of a preventive care regimen is regular physicals: these checkups help you and your Fulton doctor talk about your health, detect disease before it's serious, and create plans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Healthy Sitting

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As more and more people work in the "knowledge economy," modern work is increasingly done at a desk. While that may be good for convenience, it can do a number on the body. The truth is that the human body simply isn't designed to sit in the same position for 8 hours a day, and over time, that sitting can have serious negative effects on everything from spinal alignment to the function of our internal organs. As a team of family doctors in Fulton, NY, Northway Medical Associates is committed to your health – so here are our tips for healthy sitting in the office.

Better Sleep, Better Me

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Nothing beats a good night sleep, and for good reason. Getting enough sleep is essential for our body to function and stay healthy. However, whether or not you get a full night of sleep is entirely up to you. From staying up late working to going out with friends until the early morning, we’ve all had those nights where we’ve woken up the next morning running on only 3 or 4 hours. While you may feel like that small amount of sleep is enough to get you through the day, not getting enough sleep can turn into a habit, which will be severely detrimental to your health in the long run.

How Alcohol Affects the Body from Head to Toe

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At Northway Medical Associates, it’s our aim to provide expert medical treatment and care to all patients in and around Fulton and Baldwinsville, NY. As your trusted Baldwinsville and Fulton primary care physician, we believe that it’s important to educate all our patients about the effects of alcohol on the body, especially since April is Alcohol Awareness Month. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that men of legal drinking age don’t drink any more than two drinks per day and that non-pregnant women of legal drinking age don’t drink any more than one drink per day. If you happen to drink more than what these guidelines suggest on a regular basis, you’ll find that alcohol can affect many different parts of your body in harmful ways.

Happy National Nutrition Month!

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This is one of our favorite times of year... and it's not because we're really big on Easter egg hunts. March is National Nutrition Month, and as a team of family doctors and internists in Fulton, it's one of our favorite months for our patients. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of building a healthy lifestyle and body, and the truth is that all of us could stand to keep our diets a little healthier. National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to focus on eating well and treating your body right – and we bet that if you dedicate yourself to changing your eating habits for the month, you'll feel the difference and won't want to stop.

How Often Should I Get a Physical?

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At Northway Medical Associates, it’s our goal to provide high-quality medical treatment to all our patients in and around Baldwinsville and Fulton, NY. We pride ourselves in our personalized care that we deliver to each and every one of our patients. Through our wide range of family and primary care physician services, we strive to keep you as healthy as you can possibly be. We also specialize in our preventative care, one such method being through our physical exams that we offer. Because of how important getting a physical is, you should always come in as early as recommended.

5 Health-Conscious New Year's Resolutions for 2017

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The New Year is here, and while we're sure you've already drafted a list of resolutions for the coming year, it's never too late to edit or add a few. At Northway Medical Associates, we put our patients' health above everything else. To help you make 2017 your healthiest year yet, we've compiled 5 easy resolutions you can take to make 2017 a happy, healthy year for you.

5 Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain

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At Northway Medical Associates, our mission is to help all of our patients achieve whole-body health and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. With the holidays coming up, we know many of you are getting ready to face the biggest health challenge of the year: avoiding holiday weight gain!

Lung Cancer Awareness & Easy Prevention

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At Northway Medical Associates, November is one of our favorite months of the year – and it's not just because we love Thanksgiving dinner! November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, and as family doctors serving the Fulton & Baldwinsville areas, we know full well how important of a cause this is. To celebrate this month, we're using this blog to spread awareness about lung cancer and to provide some simple tips for prevention.

Trick Yourself Into Burning Extra Calories

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Burning calories, healthy weight loss

Why is it you haven’t lost those 10 pounds you’ve been trying to lose for six months? Maybe you have even more to lose and just find the task daunting and hopeless. Basic math tells us the most basic way to lose weight is burning calories. There are two ways you can cut calories - exercise and eating healthy. Seems simple, but life is busier than ever for most people. Between work and family obligations, there seems to be little time to add exercise and healthy eating plan time to the agenda. That’s why the healthy weight loss pros at Northway Medical Associates have put together this quick list of easy ways to burn calories without even realizing it. By making these small, manageable changes to your lifestyle, you can trick yourself into achieving your healthy weight loss goals.