Offering Physical Exams in Baldwinsville, NY

At Northway Medical Associates we provide advanced, comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages in the Fulton, Baldwinsville, and Liverpool, NY areas. Our family doctors are highly skilled in premier medical treatments, including physical exams, blood tests, and medical weight loss. We work hard to create a comfortable and soothing office environment for all our patients to enjoy.

We offer a wide-range of in-office medical services for patients of all ages, including:

Complete Physical Exams

Physical exams are an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors will begin by asking you about some aspects of your medical history and discuss your current lifestyle behaviors like smoking, alcohol use, sexual health, diet, and exercise. Next, we will check your vital signs to ensure you are in a healthy state. The vitals we take into account are your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature. We will perform a heart and lung exam where, in which your doctor will listen to your heart and breath for abnormal or unusual sounds. We will also complete a head and neck exam, abdominal exam, neurological exam, dermatological exam, extremities exam, and specific gender-related exams to guarantee your overall health.

We suggest that physical exams are completed annually, depending on the state of your health. To schedule your next physical, fill out our online form or give us a call.

School and DOT Physicals

In addition to annually scheduled complete physical exams, our doctors provide school and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. School and DOT physicals are performed similarly to a complete physical, and are able to be scheduled whenever you or a family member is in need.

Schedule Your Physical Exam in Baldwinsville and Fulton, NY

If you have any further questions regarding our physicals or other state-of-the-art treatments, such as EKGs, pap smears, nutrition counseling and more please call our office. To schedule an annual physical exam, a school physical, or a DOT physical with our Fulton and Baldwinsville, NY doctors, fill out our online form or contact the office of your choice today! We look forward to seeing you and your family soon.