Nutrition Counseling

Primary Care Physician & Nutrition Counseling Services in Fulton, NY

At Northway Medical Associates, we do more than offer primary physician care to our patients – we strive to work with every patient to help them achieve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Our team of expert doctors have years of experience serving patients of all ages throughout the Baldwinsville and Fulton, NY areas, and we take a holistic approach to family medicine, focusED on achieving overall health in the long-term. Instead of just focusing on treating illness, we strongly believe in the power of preventive care, in which nutrition counseling is one of the most important parts of that prevention.

Why Should I Get Nutrition Counseling?

One of the most important and often neglected pieces of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is diet. Your diet impacts virtually every part of your overall health, from physical attributes like weight and body mass index to long-term health outcomes like heart disease or cancer. While every individual dietary choice only has a small effect, over the course of a lifetime, these choices can add up and have a profound impact on the health of your body. They say that diet is the best health insurance, and at Northway Medical Associates, our mission is to help you ensure a lifetime of healthy living.

Our professional nutrition counseling services give you access to the expertise of our Baldwinsville providers, allowing you to construct a diet plan that helps you achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Our nutrition counseling patients regularly report a variety of positive impacts on their lives after changing their diet, including:

  • Increased energy
  • Higher powers of conversation
  • Improved mood
  • A stronger immune system
  • Less general fatigue and tiredness
  • Delays in the aging process

How Does Nutrition Counseling Work?

In our professional nutrition counseling services, we'll work with you to construct a plan to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Your expert provider will talk to you about your current diet and lifestyle, then work to create a nutrition plan that works for you, while also ensuring you get the healthy foods you need. We follow a simple three step process, combined with a commitment on your end, and you'll experience all the benefits that a healthy diet has to offer:

  • First, you'll have a complete evaluation and consultation with one of our New York providers. This appointment will evaluate every aspect of your lifestyle and diet to determine how nutrition can best benefit you.
  • Based on this evaluation, your physician will work with you to create a comprehensive diet and meal plan. We focus on implementing the patient's input, so we'll customize your diet to make it feasible and easily achievable no matter what your situation.
  • You'll continue to check in with your Baldwinsville physician on the progress of your plan and your health. With a continued commitment, you'll benefit from a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Baldwinsville Family Physicians

Nutrition counseling is an excellent way to dramatically improve your overall health and improve your quality of life, and if you're interested in finding out more about how nutrition counseling can help you, we'd be happy to speak with you. Call us today at (315) 598-7105 for our Fulton, NY office or (315) 635-5700. We'll answer any questions you may have about nutrition counseling, and if you're ready to get started, we'll set an appointment for your initial consultation - and set you on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle.