How to Prevent Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain
Posted on 10/12/2017

backPain12Oct2017Back pain is very common. In fact, 80% of people claim they have had or are currently experiencing back pain. Back pain can derive from many different causes and have many different forms of pain from long, dull aches to random sharp pains. The most common causes of back pain can vary too. Most commonly we see lower back pain from injury, strain, arthritis, and being overweight. In some cases, lower back pain is temporary and will last only two weeks or so. If you are experiencing lower back pain, there are things you can do to help alleviate your lower back pain, and the first step is visiting your doctors at Northway Medical Associates in Baldwinsville and Fulton NY. We can assess your lower back pain and help determine what your lower back pain is stemming from. In the meantime, we have gathered some ways to help prevent back pain and alleviate your back pain.

Stay in Shape

One of the most common reasons for lower back pain is having too much weight on your midsection. This added weight can cause a strain on your whole body, but especially your lower back. Being overweight causes your center of gravity to shift further in front of your body when ideally it should be over your spine. This change in your center of gravity causes your back to compensate, straining your back muscles. Northway Medical specializes in medical weight loss in Baldwinsville, NY. Our doctors can create a customized weight loss program to help you reach your healthy goal weight and keep it there. Our Internists in Baldwinsville have years of expertise in helping patients lose and maintain a healthy weight in a sustainable fashion.

Adjust Your Sleeping Habits

Other than diet and exercise, sleep is the most important thing you can do to improve your overall health. Sleep allows your brain and your body to recharge. You should get at least eight hours of sleep every day, but it is also important to sleep in a proper position. Sleeping in a weird shape or contorting yourself may help you fall sleep initially but staying in an odd position throughout the night can add extra strain to your back muscles. If you already have constant lower back pain, please contact our Baldwinsville doctors so we can help determine what position would be best for you. In general though, sleeping on your side with your legs slightly curled up to your body can help back pain. If you prefer to sleep on your back, adding a pillow under your knees can also help. Sleeping on your stomach however, can add a tremendous amount of strain to your back and is never recommended by our doctors in Baldwinsville and Fulton NY.

Use Proper Posture and Ergonomics

Your posture can have a direct correlation to back pain. Standing and sitting for prolonged periods can cause strain on your back. If you sit at a desk make sure you have your chair correctly set up for your body making sure everything is ergonomically in place. As for standing, make sure to vary your standing position, ideally keeping one foot higher than another by using a foot stool, and alternating them every 10- 15 minutes.

Contact Your Local Baldwinsville Family Doctor

The best way to determine the cause of your back pain and how to treat it, visit your local doctors at Northway Medical Associates. We can help identify if your lower back pain is something more serious we need to look at, or if it can be remedied with weight loss or another treatment. Contact Northway Medical Associates today!