Understanding Heartburn

Understanding Heartburn
Posted on 09/19/2017

Heartburn is experienced by over 60 million Americans monthly and can ruin a night out, keep us up at night, and be a painful nuisance throughout our day. For some people, heartburn is more common than others. For some it's a chronic issue that they have to deal with daily and can scar your esophagus, causing other, more serious conditions. If you have heartburn more than two times a week you may have GERD or Acid Reflux and should visit our family doctors office in Fulton and Baldwinsville, NY. Dr. Patel, Dr. Saini and Dr. Sapkota - Pandey can further talk to you about your symptoms and give you options to help with your heartburn. There are some things you can do on your own to help prevent your heartburn from happening, but before we go over what you can do to prevent heartburn let's discuss what is happening to better understand how to prevent heartburn.

What Is Heartburn

Heartburn is caused by stomach acid getting into your esophagus by a weak esophageal sphincter. When stomach acid enters the esophagus, it can irritate it as the tissue is more sensitive than your stomach lining, giving you the burning sensation in your chest we are familiar with when we have heartburn. Some foods can cause your body to create more stomach acid than normal and increase the odds of heartburn. For some people with GERD or acid reflux, this happens more frequently and can cause harm to your esophagus, especially while lying down as stomach acid is free to stay in your esophagus for a prolonged period.

Preventing Heartburn

While there is no cure for heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux, there are some things you can do to keep them from happening. You should always consult with your family doctor if you are concerned about your heartburn, Our Baldwinsville, NY family doctors can help you decide what is best for your particular symptoms. In general, though, there are some things you can do to help.

Weight Effects Heartburn

Weight is a key factor in heartburn and GERD. Extra belly fat can add increased pressure on your abdomen forcing your esophageal sphincter to relax, allowing stomach acid to travel to your esophagus. Losing weight can reduce your heartburn symptoms and improve your overall health. If you are looking to lose weight, our medical weight loss program can help you lose weight alongside an expert in doing so safely.

Change Your Diet

What you eat is another significant factor in getting heartburn. Some foods trigger heartburn more than others. Foods that are high in fat, acids, or alcoholic can all increase the acids in your stomach. Eating smaller portions at a slower pace can also help decrease your odds of getting heartburn. By Watching what you eat and eating smaller portions at a slower pace, you might see your heartburn symptoms reduce.

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We hope these tips can help you reduce your heartburn symptoms. If you have any questions about your heartburn or would like to talk to one of our physicians about medical weight loss and other ways to reduce your heartburn. We hope to hear from you soon!